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 ASOM Heartbeat

Let’s, just for a moment, forget about the names and programs and focus on His heartbeat. Be still, listen closely, and you’ll feel it. Our hearts were made to beat with His. Our hearts long for what Jesus’ heart is dedicated to—the Father’s perfect will. 

We are His disciples and we look only to Him because we were created to be a mirror of His glory. We are lovers of the Most High and everything we do is driven by this desire, a hunger for His love. We constantly put ourselves in a position to rely on the Holy Spirit and to live in His presence.

At the end of the day, we want Heaven’s ways to be more familiar, and the world and it’s reasoning to be increasingly foreign. We actually believe we’ve been transferred to a new kingdom and had a culture change. He abides in us and radiates from us. We’ve stopped trying to witness to people; we are a witness—24/7.

We no longer want to lust after the things of the flesh and live for the things of the world, for we know that we are now truly alive only—we have died to our old man.

Let’s just say we are addicted to Christ. We live in reckless abandonment because of that addiction, and we love intimately praising our Creator for everything He is and everything He has done. We look like fools, but we don’t care.  We worship Him daily by walking in His grace, the grace He’s given to empower us to live the impossible, supernatural life.

We don’t want to just hear another teaching or learn how to write a sermon.  We are the sermon.

We don’t want to talk about the light. We want to be the light.

We don’t simply like truth. We love truth.

The truth is this: He is King.

We continually let Heaven Invade us!

The best part? This is only the beginning of our story, or rather, His story. So let’s go back to where we started….

Our Heartbeat is Him.

 ASOM Cornerstones

   Prayer & Intimacy                                                                                                                                                                                        

 Prayer isn’t about getting God to move on our behalf, it’s about moving us onto God.” ~ Pastor Dan Palmer



Word of God & Classes, and Academics

We don’t have classes to get more facts, we have Holy Spirit filled classes that both teach foundational truths and bring us closer to the King and His Kingdom. Got to Academics to find out more about Degree Options and Licensing.



Outreach & Missions

Our missional life is not just foreign and stateside, but it is a missional life we lead. Our outreach is both organized and in our everyday life. Our life is a mission to let Heaven Invade Earth. This is lifestyle outreach—we love every minute of it.




  Community living

Our community is a purposeful gathering of those who are passionate about living lives laid down to the King and His culture—a community that is continuously letting heaven invade earth.


At the Atlanta School of Ministry, you will have the amazing opportunity to get involved in the ministries at the Atlanta Dream Center. We are passionate about the vision of the Dream Center and the inner city missionaries here at the School of Ministry partner every week in outreach and prayer for the city. Read what the Atlanta Dream Center Chuch has stated as their vision:

“Our vision is to reach, rescue and restore men, women and children so that the glory of God may be known. Each of these precious ones is part of a notoriously difficult-to-reach demographic that includes the homeless, commercially sexually exploited and at-risk, underprivileged children. We have seen the injustice visited upon these lives, and we are determined to be aggressive in our response.

Through His goodness, God has allowed us to partner with Him in bringing restoration to those shunned by society through our three powerful ministries: iAm, (Men); Out of Darkness,  (women); and Metro Kidz, (children). Each day, we strive to reach, rescue and restore these dear ones not through our might but His.”

Click here to go to the website or go to www.atldreamcenter.com

Sunday Morning Church: Students also have the honor of attending and volunteering at the Atlanta Dream Center Church, our home church at the School of Ministry. The Dream Center, Dream Center Church, and School of Ministry all work in harmony together to seek God’s Kingdom here on earth.