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  • CULTURE - Letting Heaven invade earth

    CULTURE - Letting Heaven invade earth

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When you decide to attend the Atlanta School of Ministry, You become so much more than a student. Rather, those that attend the Atlanta School of Ministry are deciding to dive into the culture of being an active missionary. The moment you begin life here at ASOM, you are stepping into mission work and learning hands on how to be missional at all times. This is a life that is not limited to the classroom—although much is learned in our classrooms. We are continually missional about letting Heaven invade earth no matter what we are doing. This life is so set apart from just being a student—this is the life of a missionary. “



The worship culture at the Atlanta School of Ministry is simple and focused—we daily encounter the presence of God. Worship and intimacy with God permeates who we are. We don’t just sing songs to heaven; we listen for what God is saying and we sings songs from heaven. Our worship is passionate, purposeful, and those involved in the preparation daily lay their lives down to encounter the King. Our worship has one purpose—to glorify the Father.



Fourth wave-missions trips

Get ready to pack your bags for the most exciting, intense, radical part of the Atlanta School of Ministry: the missional Fourth Wave. During Fourth Wave, missionaries who have been studying at ASOM embark on various six to seven week mission trips all over the world including foreign, state-side and urban missions with the Atlanta Dream Center.