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Worship and Performing Arts Program

The heart behind WAP has always been to create musicians and worshippers who have a heart after the Father and are capable of hearing and moving with Him. We equally hope for our students to be educated and know what to do as ministers of the gospel. Whether that is through, worship, dance, step, stomp, speaking, or even running production behind the scenes, we want everyone who is pursuing these things to be well prepared.



Worship and Performing Arts Options

We have two options available to students in the WAP program.


For those interested in the music/worship leading side of WAP, we have the WAP music certificate program. Through this program, over a three-year period of time, students can earn an official certificate through Visible Music College. (VSM is the only Christian Music College recognized by TRACS [The Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools]) Along with the Certificate program, you will also attend classes on practical worship leading, the Heart of worship, song writing, and so much more.


 For those interested in more of a behind the scenes option, we have our Production Program. In the production program, you will be trained in sound, lights, audio/visual, stage managing, event planning, and so much more. You will also receive hands on training in each area as well as learning how deep the art of servant hood is to the heart of the Father.



Is there an audition process?

Yes, however, more than an audition, we see it as an evaluation. It is more to see where the student will fit in best and to understand what we’re working with.

 Will I be on stage right away?

We would like for all first years in WAP to have an opportunity to grow and focus on the Heart of the Father before we allow them to lead worship on stage. We will begin integrating first years Tuesday November 1, 2017

Once I’ve made a final decision, can I switch focuses?

No. We believe that our yes is yes and our no is no. So, once you have committed to WAP or any other program in ASOM, you are there for the year unless staff believes you should be somewhere else!

 Do I need to purchase anything to be in the WAP Certificate Program?

Yes. Students are responsible for two things this year: whatever instruments they plan on playing, and a pair of approved headphones. There are three different options that you may choose from, but must have one of the three options or have a fourth option approved by the WAP Director or Production Coordinator. Your options are as follows:

 Mee electronics m6 pro: $50

Shure 215: $100

Weston's Um pro 10: $150

If I play an instrument or sing, but decide to do the Production Program instead of the Certificate Program, can I still play on stage?

No. We want to keep the stage and travel team opportunities for those who wish to continue to grow in their craft and continue to put in the work needed through the WAP Certificate Program. However, those in the production program who play instruments or sing can still worship in the prayer room and during worship on the streets.